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Divorce and Pension Burnley

Pension Help Service Burnley within Your Reach

Some relationships don’t last for a lifetime. Married couples who have family or relationship issues tend to separate. If it’s the case, you need an expert mediator who helps you in pension sharing.

Lakes Mediation renders an excellent pension support service you need. We do our best to give you the right things you need to know about managing your pension.

Couples facing a dispute need to know their rights and obligations when it comes to pension sharing.  We’re here to give you the information you need to secure your pensions fully. We would be happy to provide you with the satisfaction you deserve to have.

A pension is one of the most important assets a couple has. It falls under the classification of joint assets. When a couple separates, they have to decide to share the pension or not.

Pension Sharing Burnley

The couple gets each other a share of their pension. The amount received by your former spouse is put in a pension scheme. Our mediators do the best they could to give you reliable information on pension sharing. Couples need to know about this to assure that there wouldn’t be any other issues for them.

We give you expert advice on how to handle your pensions. We see to it you get the satisfaction you need from our services. Our mediator also makes sure the pension sharing process would be a success.

Pension Offsetting Burnley

In this case, you keep your pension. But, your former spouse has to keep his or her assets. An excellent example of this is the house or car.  For some couples, it’s a good choice if they want no hassles in the separation process. But, there are times that the pension of the couple is too high. So, the best choice for this is to turn to pension attachment or sharing. 

Our expert mediators give you wise advice about doing the best pension offsetting process.  They can give you a good understanding of your pension and its effects on the settlement. We want you to be comfortable in handling your pension and other things you need for the settlement. Check out or FAQ to find out more on this topic click here!

Pension Attachment 

At this point, some parts or your entire pension is paid to your former spouse when you draw it.  Some couples favour this, but it doesn’t offer a clean break. Why? You still have control over your pension. Also, your former spouse relies on your pension.

Our mediators do the best they could give you the satisfaction handling your pension. We explain to you the advantages of pension attachment. If you still want to pursue it, we guide you in avoiding the risk of pension attachment. Hence, you wouldn’t face the guarantee of handling your pension in the best possible way.

We Give Impartial Advice

Pension sharing not only relies on your decision. We also play a big part in order for you to arrive in the right decision. We give you the assurance you would like the service we do.

You can look forward to having an excellent time sharing your pensions. We make sure that each couple arrives at the right decision they both agree.

Our mediators give you time to decide on the sharing of pension. But, we assure you have the right information you need to make the right decision. We’re here to support you all the way. We take the chance to give you the best service as possible.

We Work with Pension Advisers

Your decision when it comes to pension sharing would be a success. We work with pension experts who make sure you do the right actions with your pension. The couple should have equal rights of the pension sharing in order for them to avoid hassles.

Our mediators provide success you need in sharing your person. Here, you wouldn’t experience any hassle when it comes to pension sharing.

Couples have the guarantee of having a clear separation. We make sure to solve the issues right away.

There are times when nothing goes well in a relationship. At such a time, most couples choose the path of separation. Well, this can be a devastating and emotionally draining period.

It is quite understandable that these kinds of situations are absolutely uncalled for. During such situations, not only the disputing couple has to bear the pain and hassle of the whole legal process but also their family members, especially, their children.

Also, you must remember one thing and that is divorce is not an emotional thing but it also has some financial consequences which you need to keep in mind.

That is why you need to be rational and practical while taking each and every step.

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Role of Lakes Family Mediation Burnley

When you are getting divorced, we, at Lakes Family Mediation Burnley, will provide you mediators who are experienced and well-trained to handle all the issues that could come up while the divorce is going on. We know that if any dispute has to end swiftly then both parties’ needs to be on the same page and happy with whatever the outcome is.

Our mediators will do exactly that. Also, Lakes Family Mediation will provide you, financial advisors, because we know that divorce also has some financial consequences which can be time-consuming to some extent. Our experienced and knowledgeable advisors will guide you in a manner so that you can solve all your financial matters with ease.

Pension Division

One of the most important parts of the financial division process is the pension splitting. As you know, the pension is perhaps the most important financial asset, as it will provide you financial stability when you are unable to work anymore. But, which pensions can be divided will depend upon your location in the United Kingdom.

The rules of pension division in Scotland differ from the rules of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Thus, you need the help of experts to help you with all these rules and regulations relating to the pension division.

For this, Lakes Family Mediation provides financial advisors which will help you to solve all the conflicts regarding pension division and will make sure that at the end both you and your ex-spouse are happy with the outcome.

Why Should You Choose Lakes Family Mediation Burnley

There are some reasons behind why Lakes Family Mediation Burnley should be your first choice while looking for mediation services.